Approving Timesheets Has Never Been Easier

Almost the last thing a manager wants to think about is reviewing the timesheets for contractors on their job. Let’s face it, timesheet detail is hard to read. There can be math errors, and timesheets are generally hand delivered and must be reviewed right away so that the contractor can fax or hand deliver it to receive their pay.

Instead of a handwritten timesheet report, TAFT Solutions’s reporting features notify the approving manager as soon as the weeks’ time is submitted for approval. This means that time entry can be approved as quickly as possible from wherever the manager is working.

Approvals at the Click of a Mouse

Managers click on the email link to view the details of the contractor’s time for the week. With the click of a mouse, the timesheet can be approved or rejected. Managers can even write a short note indicating why a timesheet entry was not approved so that corrections can be made. And managers can review and approve ALL submitted timesheets at one time from one screen, so they can quickly get back to their other important business.

Collecting time efficiently is very important, but the process does not end after the timesheet is submitted. We’ve learned from experience that is much more effective to have your client approving the timesheet before it is sent to payroll.

We also know that clients do not want more tasks on their list, so TAFT keeps it simple and efficient!

TAFT not only allows your customer to view, approve or reject time, it also allows them to communicate with their team and your firm.

It is also possible to export that information so your clients can import it into their own system, which often eliminates data entry tasks not only for you but for your approving managers.